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Luminous Charge Controller SCC 1210

Luminous Charge Controller SCC 1210

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Luminous Charge Controller SCC 1210
Luminous Solar Charge controllers are required to fully charge a battery from Solar Panels without permitting overcharge. They prevent reverse current flow at night.
Solar Charge Controller is required to convert Normal Inverter battery into solar Solutions. It is used to charge battery using solar panels. The other use of solar charge controller is to run DC load.
Luminous SCC1210NM PVC Solar Charge Controller.
  • 98% efficiency
  • Inbuilt Low volatge disconnect (LVD)
  • Automatic battery selection
  • Prevents battery from overcharging
  • Prevents reverse current flow from battery to panel at night
  • Runs DC appliances
  • Charge DC devices directly without using adapter via USB port.
Product Name: Luminous Charge Controller SCC 1210
Brand: Luminous
Product Type: Solar Charge Controller
Product Model: SCC 1210
VA Rating: 10A@12v/24v
Charging Current: 10 Amps
Max.supported panel power (Wp): 200Wp@12v, 400wp@24v
Input Voltage Range (Voc): 17-25(12v), 36-50(24v)
Maximum solar panel voltage: 25V/45V
Input Voltage Range (Voc): 17-25
Controlled by voltage: Available
Battery type selection: Lead Acid & SMF
Self consumption: Less than 10mA
Efficiency Charging: 98.5%
Efficiency Load: 98%
Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
Power connections: 30 Ampere Terminal
Warranty: 1 Year (12 months)
Usage/Application: Homes & Small Shops
Dimension: 40 x 60 x 135 (L x W x H)
Weight: 300 g
Country of Origin: India
Packing: Standard Packing

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