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Exide UPS 2.5KVA/36V - Warranty : 24 Months

Exide UPS 2.5KVA/36V - Warranty : 24 Months

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Exide 2.5KVA/36V - Warranty: 24 Months
Exide Inverter 2.5KVA/ 36V HKVA UPS Best 2.5KVA inverter is the world’s most advanced DSP-based HKVA system. With new-age features like smart charging, minimized operating noise, extremely low total harmonic distortion, 300% surge load capacity, improved crest factor, and electronic changeover capability.
  • Wide Mains Input Voltage Range 100V – 290V
  • Controlled Output Voltage
  • Suitable for Mains Low Voltage Operation, 8 – 10 AMP Charging at 120V Mains Input
  • Soft Touch ON/OFF, Mode Selection & Charging Selection Switch
  • Smart In-built Protections – Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed, Battery Low, Battery Over-Charge, Over Temperature etc.
  • Mains Overload through Resettable Switch
Product Name: Exide HKVA UPS
Brand: Exide
Product Type: Inverter or Home UPS
Product Model: 2.5KVA/36V
Battery Voltage(V): 36V DC
Type: Pure Sine wave inverter
Material: Plastic
Output Voltage: 200V ± 7V AC
Output Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
Input Voltage: 260V - 10V AC
Input Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
Nominal Battery Voltage: 36V DC
Battery Low Pre-Alarm: 10.8V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Battery Low Cut-Off: 10.5V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Max. Charging Current (HC): 15A ± 1A
Max. Charging Current (NC): 12A ± 1A
Boost Charging Voltage: 14.4V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Float Charging Voltage: 13.7V ± 0.2V / Battery (12V DC of each battery)
Dimension: 440 x 370 x 510 mm
Warranty: 2 Years
Weight: 29 kg
Country of Origin: India
Packing: Standard Packing

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