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Amaron Quanta Battery- 12Ah/12V -Warranty : 15 Months

Amaron Quanta Battery- 12Ah/12V -Warranty : 15 Months

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Amaron Quanta Battery- 12Ah/12V -Warranty : 15 Months
Amaron Quanta 12AH, 12V SMF - Sealed Maintenance Free, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery for UPS applications is built to perform. In short, the lifeline to your UPS applications. AMARON QUANTA TM is a product of fail- safe, fool-proof battery technology, produced and tested in our premier manufacturing facility. Amaron Quanta has a broad range of SMF batteries specifically designed for UPS application.
  • SMF VRLA Technology
  • Capacity: 12Ah
  • Warranty: 15 Months
  • Our VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries
  • Low self-discharge rates for extended storage periods
Product Name: Amaron Quanta Battery 12Ah
Brand: Amaron
Product Type: Battery
Battery Type: SMF VRLA Battery
Capacity: 12Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Terminal Type: F2 (Faston Tab)
Warranty: 15 Months
Dimension: 151(L) x 98(W) x 99(H) mm
Weight  : 3.7 Kg
Country of Origin: India
Packing: Standard Packing


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