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Spectra Energy

7.5 kW Off-Grid Solar System

7.5 kW Off-Grid Solar System

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Spectra 1kw to 10kw Off Grid Solar System Quotation

Solar PV modules convert Sun light into energy and generate DC Power during the day. DC Power is supplied to the inverter which convert DC to AC power. Also, Battery bank is Installed to store the solar Power. Off-Grid System offers dual benefits, first by reducing the electricity usage 80 – 90 % from grid and secondly system can work 24/7 with battery back-up support. OFF-Grid Solar Rooftop Photo Voltaic (SPV) power plant consists of SPV array, Module Mounting Structure, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) consisting of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), Inverter unit, and Controls & Monitoring Devices, Battery system, Lightning and earthing Protections, interconnect cables, String Junction boxes, AC/DC Distribution boxes and MC4 Connectors.
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