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UTL Solar PCU -Alfa+10120 /10KVA Off Grid : 120V/2 Years Warranty

UTL Solar PCU -Alfa+10120 /10KVA Off Grid : 120V/2 Years Warranty

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UTL Solar PCU -Alfa+10120 /10KVA Off Grid: 120V
Alfa+ Solar PCU 10kVA/120V that is mainly used in Hospitals, schools, industries petrol pumps, banks and also in home. It continuously monitor battery and solar voltage as well as grid and output voltage with their current. PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is an integrated unit consists of grid charger, inverter, MPPT Solar Charger. Alfa+ Solar PCU 10kVA/120V is a Model of Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which uses Solar (primary) and Grid (secondary), to charge the batteries.
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • MPPT Solar charge controller
  • Advanced LCD display with multi features
  • High efficiency inverter with MPPT
  • Capability 100% panel rating
  • DSP controlled display
  • Battery Health for Longer Life
Brand: UTL
Product Type: Inverter
Product Model: ALFA + 10120/ 10KVA
Capacity: 10KVA
Nominal Voltage: 120V
Grid Type: OFF Grid
Inbuilt Charge Controller: MPPT
Solar Panel Support: 10000 Watt
Input Voltage Range: 200-550 Volt
Battery Low Cut: 10-11.7V
Battery High Cut: 15.5 V
Display Type: LCD
Technology: Pure Sine Wave
Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Warranty: 2 Years
Dimension: 609(L) x 330(W) x 660(H) mm
Weight: 103 Kg
Country of Origin: India
Packing: Standard Packing

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