Offgrid Solar System

Offgrid Solar System

How does an off grid solar system work?

An off-Grid solar system has four main components, a solar panel, solar inverter, battery, and balancing of the system. Solar panels generate DC Current in sunlight and store it in batteries. If you want to run DC applications (12V), such as Fans, Lights, you need a charge controller. Whereas, if you want to run AC appliances (220V), you need an inverter that converts DC Voltage to AC Voltage. Nowadays, all inverters work automatically, that is the electricity generated by the solar system charges batteries and runs appliances directly. Also, batteries run appliances directly in case of power failure.

How can I calculate off grid solar system?

Most home appliances such as Fans, TV, Cooler, AC, Water Pump, etc. can work through this system. For instance, a 1 kW off-grid solar system is sufficient for a 2-4 BHK house. But if you also want to run 1HP Water Pump in your home you could use a 3 kW off-grid solar system. If you are planning to run an AC then you should use a 5 kW solar system. For commercial setups like a shop, clinic or small mill, petrol pump a 10 kW off-grid solar system should be used.

It is the most common type of solar power system with backup. It works in day and night both, during the day, solar panel charges the battery and runs the home appliances such as Air Conditioners, Cooler, Television and submersible pump. At night, when the sun is not available, Inverter runs your home appliances using the battery power.

Advantage: No dependency on government electricity power

Drawback: Expensive than on-grid solar power system

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